Taking charge and being responsible

This is me probably not even at my heaviest since moving here to the Maritimes. I was desperately trying to diet and of course the more I tried to diet the more weight I gained. I truly believe that when we diet we set ourselves up for weight gain. For me choosing to be responsible for my health and choosing not to cede this responsibility to a program is what I needed. I know how to make healthy choices...I don't need to pay someone to tell me what I know. I need to be responsible and respect the gift of this body. I give my thanks each day for the gift of having this body by nurturing and nourishing this body in a way that creates joy and peace in my life.
I remember putting on the jacket I am wearing in this picture and fully realizing that it was way too small. This jacket is now way too big.
Google the effects that sugar has on your body and be convinced for yourself!