Earn $5000.00 a week!

If I told you that you could earn an extra $5000 a week by working only 5 hours, would you? I bet that you would. It’s all a matter of perception of viewing exercise as being as valuable as $5000.00. And we know it has greater value than money! Your health is a priceless treasure.

Exercise gives you a body that feels better, looks better, thinks better and like the energizer bunny the benefits of exercise keep on going and going.
Scientific data reveals that without participating in some form of exercise we are bound to regain the lost weight.
Exercise is a mind over body game!!
Don’t focus on how hard it is, but on how good it feels.

You are the KEY to health

You are the key to unlocking your mindset.

You must purge you personal computer of the "I can’t do it" virus.

Negative words will have a negative reaction on our health.

Overcoming fear. Take action any action will start the process of eliminating fear.

Fear becomes stronger each time we fail to take action

Do that thing which you fear the most become an I can do it person.

How much time do you devote to activities geared to your pleasure and fulfillment?
Lack of personal time puts you at a risk for sickness. This can show up in chronic fatigue, depression, and anger. We usually deny ourselves time citing that we are too busy. Making time for us is crucial to our health and well being

We have the power within us to nurture and heal our beings. If we focus on healing the spirit, the mind the body will respond.

Check out Sparkpeople.

I was introduced to the website Spark People by a friend. Check it out --it is an amazing resource and its FREE!