Stay active!

There is an adage that the more you do -the more you can do. I believe in staying active and occupied. For many of bingers, we eat out of boredom or we get too involved in over thinking about our lives and want we want it to be. I would fantasize about me being at a perfect weight because life would then be perfect. Right, NO. Life still happens to you when you are at the magical weight.
It was often while daydreaming about being slim that I would end up bingeing. WHY?
It was in this state of mind that I would make the age old promise that I would start my diet TOMORROW- my diet from hell and all would be well. This time it would work. Never minded that it hasn't worked a thousand times before. This is how I would get lured into bingeing with the promise that TOMORROW I would be in control.
I have come to know to shut down this thinking IMMEDIATELY!! It is stinking thinking!! As soon as I hear this old familiar voice, I immediately get up and get doing or moving. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS MESSAGE that makes promises in a tomorrow that never comes.
I believe that it is important to makes changes in stages. Exercise is a great way to start this journey to health. A simple walk around the block at 300 pounds lead me to 7 full marathons and several half marathons. So take that simple step forward in your life, ditch the diet mentality, make good choices daily for your health and not to be a size or number.