Today I am running in memory of my younger and only sister Nadia. She passed away at 28 after a valiant battle with cancer. Right to the end of her life, she thought of others and how she could help. She planned her funeral to be a celebration and requested balloons instead of flowers. On her headstone she had the words LIVE LOVE LAUGH. I try to remember this to live each day, share my love and laugh as much as I can!


Reflecting: "Doug and I found a journal we kept together after his heart surgery. It was a gratitude journal that we would write in each day to help us keep focused on our blessings and not our trials. The common thread through each entry was our gratitude and love for each other. I was moved how often he wrote that he was grateful for my support and encouragement. For me, it was difficult to see him in this weak condition after his surgery. I think the gratitude journal kept me from becoming depressed about our situation. Together, we have rode this roller coaster ride with it's highs and lows. That's the blessing we were there for each other!"

2011...bring it on!

2010 had it's moments both wonderful and dreadful.
We had to deal with Doug's heart condition and tests that should he was continuing to have blockages. Through it all, we stayed on track and focused on eating healthy and keeping active. This formula works! There are so many things that are out of our control but taking the best care of your body that you can is possible. I continue to savour the peace that being sugar free brings me. The years of tormenting myself because of my sugar bingeing serve to remind me that I do not want to risk my sobriety for a momentary pleasure.
Sugar free and loving it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS Doug was given the best news, He is healthy and strong!!!