Self Discipline

You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself. The height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others. Leonardo de Vinci

It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it. Benjamin Franklin

Day in... day out our choices create our lives.

Best to resist momentary pleasure for long term gain...peace of mind, body and soul.

Foods that enhance your life!

This is an excellent link to an article on foods that enhance our health! Since Doug's heart attack, I have been researching the web for healthier foods that will help him with his recovery. He needs to get his weight down, lower his LDL cholesterol, raise his HDL cholesterol,reduce his salt intake and maintain a healthy blood pressure! At first this seemed daunting to do so much, but as I searched the web I found that there are foods that can assist us in achieving a healthier balance for both of us. A new adventure begins...

Understanding the David and Goliath Battle Within

· Was a youth
· He had faith in God- having been saved by him before
· He understood the omnipotence of our Heavenly Father
· He was decisive once he understood the situation he took action knowing that God would give him what he needed to slay Goliath
· Saul wanted to equip him with battle gear David refused it again demonstrating his faith in God.

The 5 stones
1. Faith
2. Decisive
3. Winner’s attitude
4. Action
5. Service

David’s use of small stones reminds us that by faith great things are accomplished!

“The journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step.”
Chinese proverb

· Described as being 6 cubits approx. 9ft in height
· Heavy coat of mail
· Graves of brass on his legs
· Target of brass on his shoulders
· He carried a heavy spear
· He taunted the Israelites for 40 days

Goliath represents our fears, doubts and weaknesses that loom large in our minds.

We find ourselves at odds with ourselves when what we want out of life is different from what we are getting out of life.

A flurry of emotions ensues when we don’t take charge and lead our lives. Frustration, anger, boredom, depression, etc. This state often leads us away from God...looking for what I call the Popeye sololution. That's why the diet industry is a $51 billion money maker. We are looking for the magical cure when God is ready to bless us with a miracle. David knew that the armor King Saul wanted him to wear was no match for the armor of God. Learn this...with God nothing is impossible and everything is possible.
It is by following David’s example of understanding the situation and believing that with God nothing is impossible and that he will deliver us from our Goliaths.
Daily praying for strength
Acting upon the choices we make
Being of service to our fellow man

“The greatest battles of life are fought in the silent chambers of the soul.” David O. McKay

Put food in its place

Keep in mind at all times

Food will not cure Anger, Depression,
Boredom, Loneliness, or Sadness.
The only problem food solves
is Physical Hunger.