I want to continue to share my journey with those who are struggling with a sugar addiction. The first step to your sobriety is to recognize the destructive and addictive side effects of bingeing on sugar. First off for me was the daily torment of berating myself for being out of control and the shallow promise of today is the day I will diet and get this under control. I say shallow for dieting is usually good till 3 pm of that same day (usually Monday) when I would find myself in the flurry of addiction desperately needing a sugar fix. Then in despair to be numbed we succumb to the lure of sugar and acquiesce to its call. The fix is only temporary and after the numbing comes the intense pain of giving in at which point we call it a day and say what the heck-bring in on ...tomorrow,tomorrow will be the day. So goes the week till Friday when recognizing we have been out of control we fool our selves and say "What the heck it's the weekend and I am going to have one last free for all of sugar because this Monday...this Monday it is really going to work. Does this sound familiar to you...let me know.