I am often asked about my "diet" I want to say that I DO NOT DIET. I Choose to make healthy choices each day that support my desire to be vital, energized, joyful and at peace. At peace is the blessing I receive for choosing to be healthy. I have spent years tormented because I was either on a diet or thinking about going a diet or beating myself up because I didn't follow the diet or feeling like a total failure because I couldn't stick to a diet....Dieting is very destructive to the spirit and body. I did choose to eliminate refined sugar because this is my trigger, my addiction when I am eating sugar It is in control of me. In the New Testament Jesus talks of cutting off the arm,or plucking out the eye if it offends us. My interpretation is to cut off those things that separate me from the peace of mind that the Savior offers us. Because the hand for example can not doing anything without direction from our brain, so I cut off the choice for my hand to reach for sugar and thereby eliminate the torment from the addiction and the ensuing turmoil that follows. I also renew my spiritual covenant with God daily pledging that day to be the best that I can be and that I will live it sugar free and happy. An ancient Greek philosopher said "Do not attempt to heal the body without first healing the spirit". Take care.