Taking Inventory

You have to take stock of what you have done to know what you should do.
Take the time to answer - This will help you form a plan for success!
Personal Fitness Inventory

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your physical health?

Why are you not in the shape you want to be?

Why do you overeat?

When do you overeat?

What foods do you tend to overeat?

What programs have and haven’t worked for you and why? Create a list of everything you have tried and the results of each attempt.

What exercising do you do or have you done?

What excuses do you use for not being accountable for your health?

Do you appreciate your body defects and all?

What prevents you today from being healthy?

What can you do today to move towards a healthier you?

There is no mountain high enough,
No obstacles too tough
That you cannot overcome
If you believe in yourself…
You have what it takes!