Life is Good!

It has been a while since my last post. Our lives had taken a detour with Doug's heart attack and subsequent triple by pass. However last week there was a glimmer of being on track. I have returned to attending my activities and going to the market on Saturdays.
When I was in the hospital with Doug and feeling the stress of the situation, I felt very vulnerable and was nervous that I would resort to bingeing to cope with the situation. In the past bingeing was a way to cope. The miracle was there was no desire to binge at all! I know this is because I made a covenant with God that I would no longer binge and that I would be sugar free. His blessing to me was to remove this desire. How grateful I am!
I have been trying to be more creative with my cooking for Doug's sake. I am not a fan of everyday cooking and now because so much of what we eat is fresh, I need to cook or prepare it. The sodium counts for most prepared foods are through the roof. We don't buy any products with more that 10% sodium. Next time your shopping check for sodium on the will be shocked! Doug is down 30 pounds since his adventure began and would like to get off another 10. His doctor says he needs to manage his health very aggressively to ensure the best! I have learnt so much through this all. It hasn't been easy but it has blessed us to know how much we mean to each other and how important it is to cherish our bodies and to treat them with respect by choosing optimum health as a lifestyle.