Wow, on Thursday March 26th, I celebrated one year 365 days of sugar free! What a day it turned out to be. I had planned to be in Moncton buying a red trench coat and yellow purse. However life as wonderful as it is,had something even better for me to celebrate. That being the birth of Nicholas Douglas Godin our #4 grandchild but our first to be born here in paradise. I was with Rhea and Sebastian for the birth what an amazing moment...to be there for the birth of my own grandchild. No coat or purse can match this joy.
Rhea being an efficient person delivered the baby on time for me to leave and go pick up my brother Moreno from Calgary at the airport. We picked him up, fed him supper and rushed him to the hospital for him Doug and Jason to also see this bundle of joy. The nurses soon as they saw Doug said now we know who he looks like-Grandpa. How appropriate that he looks like his name sake. God is good.