Response to an email

I had a friend come across my blog and email me about her desire to live a healthy life, this is my response. Likewise if you read this and are moved to change or to desire it- it was meant to be.

I truly believe that our paths cross by intent and not by accident.
I felt an immediate sense of relief when I committed my life to living sugar free - one day at a time. My desire was so intense, like yours "just to feel better" that deciding to decide and moving forward with conviction was a relief. I didn't count or restrict carbs at all. I did find at first that I did quite a bit of extra eating to compensate for the sugar withdrawal. However in about 3 weeks time, my appetite for sugar diminished and so did the need to fill up with other foods.
It's a little bit funny looking back and realizing how far I have come since March 26th, 2008 when I was so totally obsessed with my bingeing, to today and hardly giving my eating a second thought. The peace I feel within is worth the trying times of the first 3 weeks and pangs that I have felt since.
That's why I feel the ultimate desire should be to be at peace with oneself, to respect this amazing body that has served me well and even better when I make choices for its ultimate health.
I do still enjoy running and as well as weight training. However, I no longer have the desire for the extreme training marathons take. I run for enjoyment!
Design your plan for health and go with it!
I am happy to share my journey with you.